KATALIN KÖRTVÉSI – Solfege , Kokas Pedagogy


LUCINDA GEOGHEGAN – Music Pedagogy-Teaching Methods (Early childhood, elementary, secondary classrom music education)
PROF. GÉZA SZILVAY – Colourstrings Method for Violin Teaching
CSABA SZILVAY – Colourstrings Method for Cello Teaching



Dear Academicians, Music Teachers and Dear Students,


We are proud of organizing the first of the “International Istanbul Kodály Education Days”, which we organized between 9-12 October 2017. We will organize the “II. International Istanbul Kodály Education Days”, by Marmara University with the support of the Consulate General of Hungary in Istanbul and the Hungarian Cultural Center between 18-21 September 2019.


“II. Istanbul Kodály Education Days” is very important and vualable in terms of the introduction and dissemination of Kodály Music Education Approach in our country and its applicability in school music education. The feedback we received from our attendees at Kodály Education Days, which we organized for the first time in 2017, gave us courage and responsibility for arranging the latter. With this consciousness and responsibility, workshops and seminars to be held by Kodály Institute faculty members, who will be organized for the second time at International level in our country and also hosted by Marmara University, are very important for the value of the subject.


The internationally recognized artists and educators from Kodály Institute will attend and support our trainings, which are grouped under five main headings: “Choir and Choir Conducting”, “Solfege Training”, “Kokas Pedagogy”, “Class Music Education” and “Instrument Training”.


We are waiting for your participation in the II. International Istanbul Kodály Education Days, which will be four days of qualified, productive and helpful.


On behalf of Organising Committee


Prof. Dr. Sibel Çoban